Born 1966, Havana (Cuba)

Silvestre is a contemporary Cuban artist, educated at the Escuela Provincial de Artes Plásticas San Alejandro (San Alejandro Provincial Arts School), ISDI Istituto Superior de Diseño (Superior Institute of Design) and an invitation to join the prestigious ISA (Superior Institute of Arts). He worked as Graphic Designer at the Bohemia Magazine - first news and culture magazine in Latin America, published in Cuba since 1908.


He was mentored by artists such as Flavio Garciandía, Eduardo Ponjuán, exponents of the 80’s Generation movement. Silvestre left Cuba and moved to Brazil in 1999, after a decade of severe effects of the “Periodo Especial” (an economic crisis sparked by the fall of the Soviet Republics).


He had individual shows at the National Museum of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil), the Cultural Center Laurinda Santos Lobo (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil), and group shows at the Cuenca Biennial (Ecuador), Berini Gallery (Barcelona – Spain), and the Latin American Art Pavillion at the Red Dot Fair in Miami.

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