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Self Portraits of the End of the Century (Ibrahim Miranda)

The year was 1999. Cuban artist Ibrahim Miranda sent wood planks for friend artists and asked them to engrave a self-portrait. This originated the book Autorretratos de Fin de Siglo (Self Portraits of the End of the Century), a book with 40 wood prints of artists like Eduardo Ponjuán, Rene Francisco, Silvestre, Angel Delgado, and poet Angel Escobar. Ibrahim produced a limited-edition of around fifty copies and sent to the original artists. A rare and beautiful work that speaks about a time and a generation of Cuban artists.

A curiosity: in 1990, at the Visual Arts Development Center, Havana, the exhibition "El Objeto Esculturado" (The Sculpted Object) is interrupted by an unexpected performance by Cuban artist Angel Delgado (he hand some fliers for the visitors, lay down an exemplar of the Granma - the regimen newspaper - and defecate over it), which is imprisoned for the next six months. Angel would use freedom, it's time in prison, the prison objects and symbolism as a recurring theme, as we can see in his self-portrait showing darkness, bars and his prisoner number.

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