Born 1972, Havana (Cuba)

Lázaro is a self-taught Cuban artist, free from influences of official styles of scholarly art who, responding to a strong intrinsic motivation charged with spirituality and symbolism, develops an artistic work that transits through sculptures, paintings, installations and performances, sharing his mental states, idiosyncrasies and emotions without losing its uniqueness, its origins.

Fascinated by the sculptural forms of wood and counting on the availability of carpentry tools, he wanders the streets in search of his raw material, old tree trunks, or pieces of wood that are remnants of hurricanes and tropical rains, with a resolutely picturesque attitude to discover the perfect material for your sculptural work. This period of his life was eternalized in images by the camera of the talented Cuban photographer, Alberto Korda. During the 90s, he coexisted in a rich cultural setting with plastic artists, jazz musicians and writers, through daily dialogues, exchange of experiences and cultural encounters that provide references to sublimate his artistic expression without losing authenticity and marked by philosophical principles. from his reading of Krishnamurti and interpretation of Yoruba rituals. He has been influenced by artists such as Agustín Cárdenas, Wilfredo Lam and Eduardo Chillida.
Lázaro emigrated from Cuba in 2000 and toured Europe with his work, continuing with wood sculpture and began to use recycled materials in installations, maintaining his inspiration in nature and having an influence on the Afro-Cuban religion, while also experimenting with painting techniques and performances as a new form of expression. He exhibits in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, gaining recognition in the gallery circuit and eternalizing his pieces in public spaces, recently culminating with a participation in the Venice Biennale 2019.


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