In her production, Ania decomposes the image of the feminine by reconstructing this place through her collages, which bring to light the current condition of women, of vulgarization of image and body, and which discusses their role in contemporary society.

In contrast to the complaint, Ânia finds itself a series of questions about the way in which the feminine/ism works, raising the discussion to a level that goes beyond the condition of gender, and that rethinks the universal question of the human being and of art in terms of language.

From her collages, the artist deconstructs the stereotype, opening herself to an investigation that finds on paper the fabric of her practice. Cutting and gluing the pieces of paper overlapping each other reveal textures that boldly rethink the spatiality of the plane, creating not only visualities but textures and even an intention of three-dimensionality. The apparent reverse is an equally important feature in his work, revealing what is not usually seen, which is imperfect and human.

Fernanda Castilhos