Born 1974, Manzanillo (Cuba)

Born in 1974 in Manzanillo (Cuba), graduated from the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), La Habana, in 1997. His works have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and art institutions around the world.

Notable cartoonist and painter, Antonio Espinosa is considered one of the most interesting Cuban artists of today, is currently working in Havana. Combining sea seascapes, photography and installation, his work uses humor and irony to comment on central issues in art, politics, and society.

Espinosa’s landscape are true calls to emotion, since he discovered that color was not the trigger for the sentimental apprehension, but the sense of amplitude that the work acquires and its possibility to communicate a message in which the glance reposes inside the painting itself, where it may be possible to move through a magnanimous documentation. On the other hand, Espinosa with his interest in diverse themes such as History and its variations, the lost or reevaluation of meanings of the symbols of power an nationality, and that taste for orienting the spectator toward new interpretations, have made his work develop from the landscape – without abandoning it as sophisticated means of communication – toward topics and methodologies where existential questionings and queries about political pertinence of a nation or the expiration of an ideology are priority issues. Thus, each piece is conceived as a study, not only immersed in the visual values, but also in the changing and convulse environment surrounding it.

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